(ELC) Parsoa Lighting Industries

Parsooa Lighting Industries (ELC) was established in 2013 with the help of God Almighty and the use of modern knowledge in order to provide part of the needs of the country’s electricity industry.
This company has been able to provide quality and environmentally friendly products from the most advanced equipment, machines, laboratory and quality devices, using the most experienced engineers and experts in this field and continuous communication with large and prominent foreign companies in this field. slow down

It is hoped that the products and services of this collection will provide a small step towards increasing the capability of the country’s lighting industry as well as the satisfaction of our dear customers.

In line with respecting the rights of consumers, saving energy carriers and complying with the basic principle of maintaining employment and national production, this company has been able to mass produce all kinds of panels, all kinds of projectors, design and manufacture all kinds of decorative lights, all kinds of lamps, etc. It has taken an effective step in the development and progress of the country and employed hundreds of workers, and in this way, it has always drawn a bright horizon in the country’s lighting industry with high technical knowledge and experienced professionals.